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Missional Causes

Participating in Community Development, Criminal Justice, Environmental Care, Healthcare, Refugees / Immigration, Social Justice, and Technology for Impact.

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Ministry Causes 

Reimagining ministry as Contextual Expression, Missional Practice, Religious Change, and Spiritual Support.

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Theological Causes 

Expanding understanding of Contextual Theology, Ecotheology, Experiencing the missio dei, Moral Theology & Ethics, and Social Theology & Justice.


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Missional University is an online community  that educates Christians to serve in the mission of God in the world.

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Choose a missional cause and prepare for a career on mission.  We are committed to enhancing the knowledge, skills, and exposure of our students through instructional and experiential learning. Our goal is that our students would become leaders in the integration of faith, career, and mission in their area of expertise. Interested in one or more areas? Contact Admissions for more information.