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Experiencing the mission of God in the world
Learn how to identify God at work around you and to teach others how to experience the mission of God in the world.
Contextual Expression
Enjoy communicating through various mediums including media, visual arts, film, theatre, or music? Learn about careers in communicating effectively across global cultures.
Community Transformation
Passionate for vulnerable and underserved communities? Learn about careers in restoring things to the way God intended them to be -- seeing people and communities holistically restored.
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Newest courses

Technology for Impact
Technology runs much of life today. Learn how to serve God through a technology career that facilities the work of God around the world.
Social Justice
Learn about careers in human services where you meet people at their point of need. Learn how social justice careers serve individuals, families, and communities by joining God at work.
Immigrants & Refugees
Learn about careers in serving immigrants, refugees and internationals. Learn how to address issues arising in diaspora communities while joining the mission of God in those communities.

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