Undergraduate Certificate Programs

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Intellectual curiosity that drives a person to be a life-long learner is key to building a long-lasting, successful, career. The Undergraduate Certificate programs at Missional University provide recognition of specialized knowledge, and skills. It is this recognition that propels careers into new arenas of service and success in faith-based, community-based, and mission-centered non-profit, and for-profit organizations.

Undergraduate Certificate programs are designed for students who already have at least 42 college credits but have not yet finished a Bachelor's degree. Academic credit earned through the certificate program is transferable into a Bachelor's Degree Completion program.  

What's great in a Missional certificate program?

  • Gain a competitive advantage
  • Increase effectiveness
  • Increase earning potential
  • Expand knowledge and skills
  • Build professional credibility 
  • Transfers into a degree program
  • Extremely affordable tuition compared to other private colleges and universities 
    • Tuition based on program
    • Tuition based on country of residence
    • Scholarships and tuition assistance available

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What's great about Missional University?

Flexible Schedule to Meet Your Needs

Move at Your Own Pace

Personalized Learning with Innovative Courses

Can Communicate with Teacher & Students Easily

Pursue Your Own Passions
Maximum Course Size / Number of Faculty

20  / 100+ faculty - 90%+ have DOCTORATES in field 

Schools / Departments

7 / 36

Program Length

14 - 24 months - depending on the program

Academic Terms Per Year


Financial Aid


Pick a Cause, Prepare for a Career

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Missional Causes

In many places, social issues around the world continue to remain unsolved in under-served communities. The need for compassionate Christians to demonstrate the love of God while affecting personal, social & environmental transformation is significant. World Changers are needed! Could you be one who joins God in his work in the world?

Community Transformation

Crisis & Disaster Management

Faith Community Services

Military Family Advocacy

Criminal Justice

Public Security & Terrorism

Community Policing & Restorative Justice

Prison Ministry & Corrections

Criminal Justice & Investigation

Issues in Human Trafficking

Environmental Care

Conservation Ecology

Creation Care & the Environment


Epidemiology & Health Surveillance

Community Health Promotion

Creative Arts Therapy

Veteran & Military Family Healthcare

Global Healthcare

Population Studies

Mental Health Practice

Refugees / Immigration

Immigrant Human Services

Immigration & Diaspora Studies

Immigration Legal Services

Interpreting Services

Teaching English (TESOL/TEFL)

Social Justice

Senior Adult & Geriatric Care

Youth & Family Services

At-Risk Youth

Hospice & Palliative Care

Technology for Impact

Information Technology Management

Cybersecurity in Faith-based Organizations

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Ministry Causes 

All over the world traditional forms of ministry are imploding as the need for missional ministry increases. The 21st century needs those who can reimagine what mission looks like. The mission for faith-based organizations today is to adapt to new circumstances as new forms of non-clergy faith expressions emerge.

Contextual Expression

Social Media for Faith-based Organizations

Intercultural Communication

Multimedia Writing & Production

Digital Media & Storytelling

Ethnodramatology in Context

Acting & Performance

Dramatic Scriptwriting


Missional Practice

Intercultural Mission

Millennial Ministry

Missional Disciplemaking

Missional Evangelism

Missional Praxis

Military Ministry

Missional Living

Sports Management & Mission

Youth Mission

Missional Leadership

Missional Congregational Leadership

Missional Church Planting

Non-Profit Administration

Religious Change

African Christianity & Mission

Anthropology of Religion

Folk Religion & Culture

Hindu Religion & Culture

Spiritual Support

Spiritual Caregiving

Pastoral Care

Spiritual Direction

MUERP - Sample 3 for three columns

Theological Causes 

As Christian believers discuss how the scripture applies to the mission of God in the world, new ways of viewing the scripture's relation to the environment, culture, society, health, moral formation, and justice opens up. As faith-based organizations compassionately address social issues, they need the ability to reflect theologically.

Contextual Theology

Contextual Theology

African Theology



Experiencing the Mission of God

New Testament Mission

Biblical Greek

Culture & Society of the New Testament Era

Missional Theology & Practice

Moral Theology & Ethics

Moral Theology & Ethics

Social Theology & Justice

Social Theology & Justice

What makes studying at Missional University unique?

Missional Focus

Every course and program focuses on service in the mission of God

International Faculty

Academic practitioners from across the globe contribute their expertise

Broad Curriculum

Diverse schools cover wide spectrum of missional topics

Global Opportunities

Students shadow, practice, intern, and mentor to gain practical skills globally


Personal commitment to the university Christian faith statement


Personal commitment to the university ethos statement


Passionate about the mission of the Missional University


Learn how to integrate your story with God's story in the world