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Experiencing the mission of God in the world
Learn how to identify God at work around you and to teach others how to experience the mission of God in the world.
Contextual Expression
Enjoy communicating through various mediums including media, visual arts, film, theatre, or music? Learn about careers in communicating effectively across global cultures.
Community Transformation
Passionate for vulnerable and underserved communities? Learn about careers in restoring things to the way God intended them to be -- seeing people and communities holistically restored.
Contextual Theology
Have you often wondered how theology actually relates to your present situation? How about a career teaching the people of God how to do theology in a way that responds to the dynamics of their own particular context.
Missional Practice
What about a career in living your life as mission? There are a number of careers in which one helps others to find God as a tangible reality in their own life.
Criminal Justice
The justice and holiness of God are two major characteristics of who God is. Learn how to join the work of justice in this world through a career where you engage people and communities at their point of need with a view towards restorative justice.
Did you know the Bible talks a lot about our relationship to the environment? Learn how to teach others what God thinks about caring for creation.
Religious Change
Religious change occurs when people experience redemption through Christ. Learn how anthropology and the study of world religion inform a variety of missional careers.
Environmental Care
Environmental studies including the study of ecology and biodiversity combined with the study of a theology of environment informs careers that join the mission of God in creation care.
Moral Theology & Ethics
From moral formation to public theology, many careers today involve the practice of a biblically grounded personal and social ethic.
Spiritual Support
Learn how to support the spiritual journey of others through a career in pastoral care, chaplaincy, spiritual direction, and related areas.
Learn how careers in healthcare join the mission of God in the world. Explore ways to serve humanity through compassionate care of those in need.
Social Theology & Justice
Learn how to address social issues from a biblical framework. These careers encompass equipping others to join the mission of God to address issues of poverty, race, ethnicity, reconciliation, and society.
Immigrants & Refugees
Learn about careers in serving immigrants, refugees and internationals. Learn how to address issues arising in diaspora communities while joining the mission of God in those communities.
Social Justice
Learn about careers in human services where you meet people at their point of need. Learn how social justice careers serve individuals, families, and communities by joining God at work.
Technology for Impact
Technology runs much of life today. Learn how to serve God through a technology career that facilities the work of God around the world.

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